Ministry of Agriculture 2016 will cultivate ten thousand farmers entrepreneurial innovation leader

China is a traditional agricultural country, with 5000 years of history of agricultural cultivation, agriculture occupies an important position in China’s national economy, the relationship between people’s livelihood and social stability. The Ministry of Agriculture said that in 2016 to cultivate 10 thousand agricultural entrepreneurship innovation leaders to promote agricultural development, rural farmers to promote income growth.

2015 July, the Ministry of Agriculture issued a notice, the implementation of the plan to promote the entrepreneurial innovation of farmers (2015-2017). Action to farmers as the main body, the township (town) village area, support migrant workers, college graduates, demobilized soldiers, in general, college-graduate village official rural entrepreneurs founded the rural areas and farmers cooperatives and lead the family Small and micro businesses such as the main body of the market, the development of the rural one or two industry and the three industry, and strive through three years of efforts, the formation of new the pattern of innovation and Entrepreneurship of farmers.

2015 years, the Ministry of agriculture actively promote the work of innovation and Entrepreneurship of farmers, combined with the Central Committee, the Ministry of human resources and promote the rural youth entrepreneurship action, combined with 11 departments jointly issued the positive development of agricultural functions and vigorously promote the leisure agriculture notice, in conjunction with the Ministry of education, the central mission of the joint implementation of modern young farmers plan, in conjunction with the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce to promote agricultural e-commerce development action plan.

2016, the Ministry of agriculture will continue to comprehensively promote the entrepreneurial innovation of farmers series of action plans. Screening and cultivation of 2000 entrepreneurial counseling, 10 thousand farmers cultivate innovative leaders, promotion of 1000 typical entrepreneurial innovation, organize farmers’ entrepreneurial innovation competition; strengthen the agricultural field of e-commerce and online business platform construction, the organization held a national "Internet plus" modern agricultural work conference and the new farmers’ Entrepreneurial Innovation Conference, actively cultivate the market the main body of agricultural e-commerce, make information villages and households to the full implementation of preparation; strengthen the training of rural practical talents demonstration leaders, precise cultivation of nearly 13 thousand young farmers to carry out modern cultivation object.

as farmers step into the development and innovation of big industry, the three industry of our country has been fully carried out the construction of entrepreneurial innovation activities, believe in such an awesome development environment, rural farmers can obtain comprehensive development opportunities.

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