Sales season also need to change the misunderstanding

in various shops during the holiday season, almost do not need to do what publicity, customer can automatic door, so many shopkeepers formed a wrong operation this idea leads to shops in the off-season is also not ideal. In fact, the only off-season thinking, no off-season market". So, there is no absolute off-season. So that operators feel depressed sales, often because of the impact of sales peak, after sales of a psychological misunderstanding.

after the festival, the social decline in purchasing power, at the same time, the terminal market also completed the mission of stock transfer (transfer from retail customers warehouse, to the hands of consumers), which appeared in the market saturation, but the concept of saturated market is not absolutely saturated, but the sales potential need us to dig. For a long time, some retail customers in the sales season, the body and mind are tired, once the market is flat, there is a want to relax the psychological. Therefore, in this period also developed a "wait, rely on, do nothing" conservative management awareness, affecting the healthy development of management.

: "do not take the initiative to do the market. This is a passive sense of business, the market is done out, not waiting out. At this time, customers, do not take the initiative to meet, but other customers and businesses to take the initiative to talk to each other, they have to cope with it, is a completely have the order reversed feeling.

and retail customers in the off-season Business Hours, was able to find a few people in the store, playing cards, gambling and drink six five yo, timid dare to customer. Is there a bold customer door to see, as the operator you will not use all the energy to the reception or service people. Come to think about it, in this case, in the end is the off-season market or off-season thinking?

: sales season but boatloads of money, money earned habits, once the sales are flat to piecemeal money, we may have many retail customers will have a look eyes feeling. Sometimes also want to earn money anyway in the season, the sales downturn now, just muddle along, have business to do a little business, not all. Some small profit of goods sold merchandise in the season, also does not take the initiative replenishment, but "it will sell well, anyway, do not make money, now also sell not much thought.

: not idle, but you don’t want to do, on their own to relax, just go, not for the hard life. Such as stores of health, things calculator, promotional materials, goods, bags and so on to counter disorderly crowded is full to the brim, shelves and counter samples are covered with dust, also don’t know what to do; display of goods, season has sold the sample without timely filled, has been finished selling commodities not timely shelves the customer is, jumbled goods not timely homing; inventory of goods not timely inventory.

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