Ali listed on the rise of the nternet business boom 10 entrepreneurial opportunities can not be mis

Alibaba listed to the entrepreneurial market impact is not small, more and more Internet startups emerge entrepreneurial market, and many of them bursting with popularity online rich good projects, has attracted many novice entrepreneurs.

2014 September 19th, Alibaba officially listed on the NYSE, to determine the issue price of $68 IPO, while the opening price reached $92.7, corresponding to the market value of $228 billion 500 million. Ali has become second only to apple, Google and Microsoft, the world’s fourth largest high-tech companies and the top second Internet Co.


1. stimulate innovation in China’s Internet


2. triggered a new wave of Internet start-ups

2014 in September 11th, Premier Li Keqiang at the eighth session of the summer Davos forum speech advocates: "set off a new wave of entrepreneurship and innovation of the public." The morning of September 17th, Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, and plan to further support the development of Small and micro businesses, promote innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples, decided to establish a temporary assistance system for poor people pocket bottom line emergency difficult.


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