City 118 hotel chain why will be successful

we all know that the hotel has been a very hot item to join the project. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the 118 City chain hotel? Brand projects, entrepreneurial choice more reliable!

why in just a few years, the city of 118· selected will be able to win customers and franchisees heart? First of all, the city of 118· featured on the product details to fully take care of business travelers, through the careful combination of color and lighting and materials, the structure of the core needs to "sleep space, sleep well" sleep are more satisfied; the design of the new office furniture configuration in the room, accord with human body engineering mechanics, reflects the fashion sense of simplicity and stride to enhance comfort and convenience, more comfortable office on the journey; the city of bath products, 118· select a more advanced age to bid farewell to the Tradition Hotel filling liquid soap, choose to cooperate with the domestic first-line care brand, the development of disposable filling hair shampoo combo products, not only allows guests to enjoy more safe and relaxed. Bath experience, but also a comprehensive guide to the hotel toiletries.

second, in the industry, the city’s first use of WeChat 118· select the reservation, booking system to complete the artificial intelligent service utilization, make the service more convenient quickly; WeChat has brought new opportunities to achieve profit growth of the hotel reservation. At the same time, where to go, and three party Jie Cheng Yilong Hotel booking platform, provide a full range of convenient and fast hotel coating experience for our customers, all the electronic facilities in the guest room, including the door, take power can be controlled by the mobile phone, even room service and checkout can be done with WeChat.

finally, the original "investment productive mode", urban 118· select create multifunctional hall, coffee + hotel multi-purpose hall, not only let it become the preferred business negotiations, but also make up the traditional hall "high input and low output" defects, expand the hotel revenue. In addition, the city of 118· selection of targeting resources around the local, the personalized breakfast for the hotel, so the franchisee increased profits into consideration, according to legend, reputation in the industry, the number of sweeps across the hotel to join the surge, year after year highs, never known until now the National Hotel brand chain stores blossom everywhere, and quality innovation is always the core does not abandon the.

City 118 chain hotel, is a strength of the brand to join the project choice. City 118 hotel chain to join the project, is a great choice for the development of the market space. If you join the city 118 hotel chain project, is also very interested, welcome your message advice!

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