2016 college entrance examination to fill out the most suitable for the three major professional rec

there are a lot of professional will have a gender restrictions, so, looking for their own professional, naturally also need to take into account the gender factor. 2016 college entrance examination to fill in, here Xiaobian for the majority of female candidates to provide three major, may wish to use as a reference.

2016 Anhui college entrance examination scores and admission scores have been published, the candidates and parents are most concerned about which university? So, we must first choose a suitable professional, from a practical point of view, we should consider the selected professional employment prospects, small finishing three professional girls the best employment for students, hoping to help you choose a self love, and have good prospects for the development of professional.

2016 the best prospects for girls: nursing

nursing is a comprehensive application of natural science and social science. She is on the basis of basic medicine, clinical medicine, preventive medicine, rehabilitation medicine, nursing and related social and human science theory, formed its unique application technology and art of nursing, to provide comprehensive, systematic and overall service for the people and the whole process of life phenomena.

main course

human anatomy, ethics, psychology, etiology, therapeutics, diagnostics, nursing, preventive medicine, nursing management, etc.. The general arrangement of practical teaching is not less than 36 weeks.

employment goals

clinical nursing teachers; community health education; rehabilitation center nurse; health care product manager or consultant (Research and health aids Science); teachers or health newspaper reporters (engaged in the popularization of health knowledge).

institutions recommend

a college: Beijing Union Medical College, Peking University, Capital Medical University, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Medical University Of Tianjin, Sichuan University, Xi’an Jiao Tong University, Soochow University, Zhengzhou University, Shandong University, Southeast University, Zhejiang University, etc..

two universities: Heilongjiang University Of Chinese Medicine, Beihua University, University of South China, Bengbu Medical College, Qiingdao University, Xinxiang Medical University, Chengde Medical College, Jishou University, Ningxia Medical University, etc..

three: China Medical University School of clinical medicine, Zhongshan College of Dalian Medical University, Medical University Of Tianjin School of clinical medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Dongfang College.

2016 the best prospects for professional girls: small language

China high

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