ntroduction to the positioning and selection of clothing store

basic necessities of life, the foundation and the key to human survival, and the clothing in the first place, thus its importance. Now, in the development of the times, in addition to playing the role of clothing, the role of warmth, but also to show the charm of their own. The future of the clothing store is good, everyone needs, the market is very broad, easy to profit. So, join the clothing store positioning and positioning skills? Xiaobian for you to read.

one, choose to meet the nature of the franchise store area


industry chain, the customer object is different consumer groups; and different regions and places to set up shop, operators must know their customers is a type, which can attract consumers what place, be aware of, do not blindly choose, the following are some taxonomic relationships in different regions and consumers that may refer to:

1, located in residential areas

these areas can only attract customers narrow, suitable for the operation of some consumers choose not strong and often needs the daily necessities of the industry, such as convenience stores, supermarkets, cafes etc.. The operation of such goods and services to the store as close as possible to the customer, such as the calculation of the distance from the customer to walk, the general choice of radius of 300 meters, about 10-20 minutes walking range of radiation is appropriate.

2, located in Commercial Street shop

because the area of customers from different places, and the purpose of these people is very strong, is to go shopping, buy more is the selection of goods is strong, so this area is suitable for the operation of some of the more high-end merchandise, such as clothing, appliances, watches and restaurant etc..

3, located in the downtown business center store

due to the rent is very expensive, it is absolutely not suitable for small business, and suitable for the operation of some of the higher prices, customers need to think twice before deciding to buy high-end consumer goods, such as jewelry, piano and furniture etc..

so, not the bustling place more suitable for the shop, to see your business chain is what nature, if you run a fashion shop located in the downtown area, the best in fashion People are hurrying to and fro., because everyone tastes different, a higher level, on the contrary, household goods, small profits, object to the general customers family, there is no need in the downtown area. If you run a chain store in place and can set up shop business, but not much difference between, rent a and B may be far from, if the chain blindly choose to shop in Mong, you must pay the rent several times, how will the expected profit of


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