How to join golden bass steak

what kind of steak restaurant franchise can be regarded as a good brand project? The definition of the hearts of everyone give are not the same, some people tend to have the characteristics of food and beverage, people tend to improve the system and the size of the food and beverage brands, each one takes what he needs. Today is to introduce a marketing system is very perfect steak brand – Golden bass steak

The chain management mode of enterprise system and brand franchise

gold bath follow modern international brand based, gold bath International Catering Management (Beijing) Co. Ltd. has a perfect organization: brand planning department, human resources department, technical training department, engineering department, evaluation guidance department, network support department, logistics department and the financial management department, market research department, product development department. The international management system, a number of senior management experts and brand image consultants provide strong intellectual support for the development of the brand, superb technology, professional and technical personnel of the coffee and food quality has reached the level of industry-leading. So how to join the golden bass steak


how to join golden bass steak? What need to meet the conditions for joining? See the following details:

golden bass steak join condition

one, agree with the brand culture and business philosophy of golden bath steak;

two, determined to work with the golden bass steak team to build brand development, growth and maintain the brand’s continued operations;

three, love food and beverage business, willing to devote themselves to the service industry;

four, have good management experience in the past;

five, fully cooperate with headquarters training and unified management;

six, with a certain amount of investment strength and suitable operating venues as well as passion for western style food and beverage industry;

seven, with the brand first, the credibility of the first business sense, with the ability to respond to market competition and ability to consciously maintain the golden bath steak brand image;

eight, follow the standardized management and join the rules and regulations, and

nine, must hold a valid personal identification for joining procedures, with my 2 inch 3 photos, for headquarters to establish tracking service files issued by the certificate of authorization and open qualification certificate;

ten, according to the headquarters of the unified requirements of the full use of the golden Rib Steak visual image design and store decoration design, such as the image of a hundred stores;

eleven, after the opening must be provided to the headquarters of its store color photos 3 to >

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