Different players and their roles in the trade of French wine trade

now, the Chinese people’s love for red wine, so many entrepreneurs see business opportunities. In recent years, more and more Chinese investors are interested in the acquisition of French wineries. Due to the lack of understanding of many of the procedures for the acquisition of French wine winery, coupled with the market to provide a source of wine trading information is mixed, often making Chinese investors feel difficult to buy wine.

The participants and the role of

·   buyer and seller: buyer or seller can be either an individual or a company. Buyers and sellers should pay special attention to verify each other’s identity, the client’s proxy  .

·   lawyers: both the buyer and the seller usually employ their respective attorneys to ensure that the transaction is completed safely, smoothly and legally. Lawyers play a role in the transaction explorer, his job is to provide recommendations for customers in all stages of the transaction, organize and coordinate all aspects of professional work, strive for the best interests of customers, to help customers to complete the transaction.

The buyer will be responsible for

·   real estate agent: usually the seller will entrust the real estate agent to sell his winery. It is a very important factor that the real estate agent is well known in the local area and the reputation is good. In addition, the seller should verify that the real estate broker is in conformity with the provisions of the French real estate brokers Act (La  loi  Hoguet). In general, real estate agents will play an important role in determining the price of wine. This is a key factor in the success or failure of the winery. In general, good brokers do not raise prices too high or out of the market standard, they know that this will reduce the success rate of the transaction, but also detrimental to their reputation in the industry.

·   Accountant: the seller’s accountant will issue a report on the financial status of the winery to help determine the price of the winery. Accountants often work closely with lawyers, especially in negotiating contracts on the issue of debt guarantees.

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