The Shihe River district construction work done good service of returnees

the Shihe River District creative work is very effective, the Shihe River construction is getting better and better, and laid a very good foundation for the people of the Shihe River home business, in the "13th Five-Year" period, the development of the Shihe River is also committed to better.

"13th Five-Year" period, the goal of the Shihe River district will focus on the construction of logistics center organization "national demonstration area of the ecological economy and national influence, speeding up the rich, civilized and open and harmonious beauty of the Shihe River construction. Expect more outside entrepreneurs to actively participate in public entrepreneurship, innovation in the home, to participate in the "livable the Shihe River, beautiful town" construction trend to.

The leadership of

continue to beautiful the Shihe River construction and running away, to the great beauty of the Shihe River advocating the construction of. To make all kinds of talents in the party’s unity and cohesion, and play outside the party organizations and members of the fighting force vanguard and exemplary role. Strive to achieve a win-win situation". Everyone with money, with technology, with their entrepreneurial projects,   double harvest for big beautiful the Shihe River construction and development of the enterprise.

The development of


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