Suzhou residents to buy two suites to pay 1 years of social security

prices in Suzhou this year to get rapid growth, in the face of the phenomenon of frenzied growth in prices, still did not stop the enthusiasm of buyers, a lot of people competing to grab the housing boom. Recently, the spread of the Internet a "on the further strengthening of the real estate market in Suzhou management implementation opinions" file, file for new arrangements and requirements of the real estate market in Suzhou from 15 aspects of land supply, land auction, sale management, price management, credit, permanent residents of non permanent residents, provident fund loans credit policy the new regulations, regulation can be described as full chain, full coverage, three-dimensional.

one of the most striking is the purchase of non resident households. Document made it clear: non resident households to apply for second sets of housing, the need to provide a total of 2 years of tax records or proof of social security in the first year, the first payment of the first payment of 20%, there are more than 1 sets and more, stop lending. This also means that Suzhou will be the first to restart the purchase of second tier cities, although the target is only two of the non resident households.

in addition to the new regulations have not yet confirmed the earth shoot, other basic confirmed yesterday, the housing construction bureau has convened a meeting of developers, oral communication of the contents of the above documents, the official release of the time to be determined." Housing prices in Suzhou, a person in charge said that the Suzhou residents in the field of foreign residents in addition to the limit of credit, but also increased the purchase, which is more bright spot. "The purchase only for foreigners, Suzhou local people and outsiders do not limit, only second sets, one or two years of social security, so the overall relatively mild, little impact on the market, may be just the psychological impact."

Institute Research Director Yan Yuejin said, Suzhou this policy, reflecting the supply side structural reform, but also reflects the determination of control prices in the second half of the year. Because of the emphasis on policy implementation scope for Suzhou City, which means that Kunshan and Taicang under the jurisdiction of counties are not included.

paid a high price in two months

Suzhou has previously due to the pre-sale management, price management, residents credit to make the relevant provisions, so the documents in these aspects just reiterated that the new regulations in addition to non residents to purchase credit limit, and the land of the new rules. The document said, Suzhou will increase the supply of land for the next 3 years, the urban area for the annual land of 400 hectares, of which ordinary residential not less than 70%, an increase in the supply of a single batch.

participate in the price of housing land auction, margin adjusted from 20% to more than 30%, the first payment by the adjustment of more than 50% of the full payment within the next 3 months. At the same time, set the land market price, more than the market price guide, 2 months of full payment, super market pricing, the project completed the pre-sale, super market price guide 10%, after the completion and acceptance of the pre-sale, super recommended

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