Clothing store how to choose the purchase

for any clothing operators, if you want to let the shop business is hot, naturally also need to choose the style, which involves the purchase of the store. In short, the pressure of competition is now more and more clothing stores, many clothing stores, do not know how to operate. Clothing store in order to make money, buy a learned. So how to purchase clothing store? Clothing store purchase choose what style sell? Today, along with Xiaobian together to learn about it! What kind of clothing store purchase choose to sell better?

1, the more styles, the faster the update, in order to be more firmly grasp the customer.

the world has done sales of two brands of the highest, the first is the ZARA of Spain, they each store almost all styles of thousands of models, and from their new design to transport to the shelves to the next frame, the whole process is 12 days, ranked second in the H& M cycle is 21 days. And every day, there are new shelves, inventory rate is very low, making the discount rate of only 5%, earned profits can be imagined.

if you shop to do the update soon, many styles, even if some guests do not want to pick their style, they will treat you the shop is impressive, very much agree with your shop, he would ask: "what time we ran to the new". So you keep the old customers.

2, a woman’s elusive mind, who can predict the best selling?

clothing and culture, character, mood and some other psychological factors closely linked to the preferences of each person, with a personal preference of every day is different, so in the face of so many customers, we have no way to predict which one of the most popular clothing, zero inventory is certainly to do so, but what we can do is to take the goods style more, update faster, the same amount of money to take less, with the words: not afraid of a stock, there is an update, as long as the new Everfount to keep up with the old models sold out at all no need to rush to fill the replenishment, if the season had been the form of stock.

3, Star daily dress + vane nature magazine.

runs a shop can not in style to face all above, if you all people will not come to you. Style, including the style of clothing, as well as the price, because each social class will choose their own level of things.

clothing store style can be said to be not fixed, not to say that each quarter, in the same quarter are likely to continue to change. So, if the owners want to hold the market trend, may wish to browse some fashion magazines, so that you can give the store to choose more and better style, help store the latter part of the business. < >

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