Entrepreneurs under the age of 30 do not care about these things

30 years of age is equivalent to a watershed, human growth and maturity may be around the age of. People often say that before the age of 30 people in the growth stage, may neglect some things. After the age of 30 people in a mature stage, need to pay attention to something. Here, we look at entrepreneurs who have not yet reached the age of 30 do not need to care about some things.

1, drifting

drift is not a misfortune, but a qualification. While no family burden, while health, drifting when


2, stable


3, evaluation

we most should not sacrifice for others and self assessment, for those of you who do not know the backseat driver. They follow the rules is what. Do not just follow the rules, the rules are still in the creation, according to their own judgment to do everything, although it will be trouble.

4, naive

5, not suitable for

in a rock song in such a sentence: "this city changed me, I don’t need this city. Do not blindly adapt to your living environment, because it is likely that the environment itself has not adapted to the development of society.

6, failed

7, shallow

if every time I watch the "Titanic" is a stream of tears, every time I watch the "Westward Journey" is laughter, people will laugh at you shallow. In fact, it can only show that your nerves are still very sensitive, even for very weak stimulation will quickly adapt to the response; when you feel sluggish, people will say you are deep.

8, star

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