What are the important principles of entrepreneurial options

venture to choose the project, for the most important, many investors will choose the most profitable projects, in fact, if the choice is not suitable for their own projects, how can we develop the maximum potential of the project?

three, from reality, not tandaqiuquan. When you aim for a project is best when the amount of intervention with less investment to understand the market, wait until you know when to go, a lot of investment. Don’t think too little investment and profit "small boat U-turn, even mistakes, also have the opportunity to restore.

six, three "not to do". In the process of project implementation, must first pay the work, do not put their hard-earned money, only a contract or agreement, it is easy to pay each other; must not believe in each other’s promises in the contract should be completed, in order to prevent the other party to the contract to bring their own losses to; must not seek wealth can, specially selected it seems an easy job to do to earn a lot of money to do the project, the more attractive projects, often the greater the risk.

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