How to do the building materials store can save money


is a new house decoration or old house renovation, all cannot do without the use of building materials, with people’s economic strength has increased, more and more people buy a house, which also contributed to the development of the building materials industry, people bought a house, the first consideration is the decoration of the problem, it is not to use less building materials products. Start building materials store, the market and the prospects are very good, for entrepreneurs, you can choose to open a building materials store. Here to tell you about how to start building materials store can do to save money.

such as wallpaper, wallpaper for children’s clothing stores often use floral patterns, cartoon pattern, stripe pattern, several plain, those beautiful decoration, large pattern, high prices may not be suitable for children’s clothing store decoration wallpaper. We store in the decoration of the time just after the Spring Festival, buy wallpaper is difficult to find, then the factory did not work, in addition to sell wallpaper shop to save some cash down, almost all the nice wallpaper to adjust the arrival.

was a shop in the building materials market found we want egg ribbon small floral pattern wallpaper, the owner has just saved the goods 10 volumes, we need only two walls is sufficient. And then we know the price to buy a little expensive, after all that time really can’t find it anywhere, in fact if a later time decoration, a roll of wallpaper such should be 3 or 40 yuan can be found, we take the price is 60 yuan a volume.

There is

, if the designer or team decoration decoration workers said to paint what oil wallpaper, that is to prevent the loss can be moisture-proof, actually if your walls have been relatively flat. It is really not necessary. Our next door is the paint store, spend more than 1 thousand dollars do not say, you also need to spend two or three days time to paint dry paste, but the taste is very heavy, full of smell more than a week, the taste is formaldehyde flavor decoration, is a very big harm to the body, attached to the children’s clothing it is bad, may be difficult to sell.

such as wood floors, there is absolutely no need to decorate their own homes, like the same as the installation of solid wood flooring, because you may use this wood floor two or three years to re decoration may also. It used 0.7-0.8 thickness, bag shop per square more than and 30 -40 enough, remember to let the store building materials baseboard is to pack the bag of words, not he might say the baseboard is very expensive ah of what, in this piece to mess with money. Wooden floor shop shop has been feeling very OK.

development of the building materials industry is very fast, you can tap the wealth of space is also very big, want to engage in this area of business, industry and building materials stores open, reasonable savings, we will also reduce input costs, thereby reducing the risk of entrepreneurship. The above content is about how to do start building materials store details can save money, I hope we can bring help to recommend

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