Things don’t always happen when you want to start a business

I am 85 years old, typical 80, was born in a small village. Say 80 is daring to dare to play a generation, after graduating from college, I can’t wait to start their own business road! I have an idea, is absolutely not work for others! So, I was in 2007 a man went to Guangzhou, I have a rich family, there is no strong background, through their own investigation after, think Guangzhou is a good place for young people to emerge, with dad borrowed 100 thousand dollars, the clothing industry, hoping to make a fortune but sometimes things! I don’t think so, because young, feel like is all right, but after a period of time, their ideas can’t adapt to the industry, only a year, I lost 50 thousand


began in 2010 I also gradually have some customers, the company also began to develop steadily, although don’t earn much money, but also satisfied, after all, I grew up, I know I should take some responsibility.




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