Returnees to open tea shops to win the wealth of life

now more and more people to join the entrepreneurial queue, the article on the introduction of an overseas return, opened the road to entrepreneurship. In order to Chinese grounded on the market, he chose to join the open sesame kaimi returnees lotus tea shop, a pioneering sail, ushered in the future. Below and a look at his wealth story.

Mi Zhilian will continue efforts, happiness passed to every Mi Zhilian tea customers, recently there are two elite returnees new force to join the "Mi Zhilian family tea". They are just returned from South America, Zhejiang, Wenzhou, the social elite – Ms. Leung and ms..

Ms. Liang

engaged in supermarket chain in South America is the representative of the practice of school, is a thoughtful there, when she put many years of the embrace of the motherland, according to market trends in Zhejiang, Wenzhou local, with years of professional point of view of the supermarket chain, according to the prevailing wind direction, soon will lock eyes in Hong Kong style of the project, seriously do market investigation, search the concern of the tea industry through the Internet, and field visits took careful analysis and comparison, chose the most popular consumer nowadays touted "Mi Zhilian tea".

When Ms. Liang, Ms. ye

reached the "Michelin" headquarters, enthusiastic professional staff patiently explained by the relevant content to join, and invited two taste "Michelin" a variety of products, in the taste of products, Ms. Liang, Ms. ye said excitedly: "Michelin store decoration style luxury fashion. Sweet, rich taste of multiple varieties of products, especially good, we also very fond of the brand name, romantic warmth, we are very confident to join Michelin!"


, Ms. Liang Yip decided to join, to "Michelin" brand adds a brilliant stroke, we believe that through the "Michelin" strong brand strength, the operations team and the two partners to join a professional, "Michelin" will be able to perfect in the country on both sides of the Changjiang River land bloom, beam Ms. Yip, return will be another results record! In their extraordinary way of life shine more extraordinary


is introduced to the returnees as open tea shops this kind of story, I believe you will also have the corresponding feelings. Want to achieve wealth through the idea of open tea shops are no longer a minority, as investors at the moment, don’t miss the good brand now. Returnees to open tea shops to win the wealth of life

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