A good chicken was a phrase with a double meaning

many successful name, not only people can see what is its main products, at the same time to impress other people can. And there is a name of "God sent a good chicken," the restaurant is the case, let Xiaobian with you to know.

Saddle Road, the street shop "a good chicken, delicious too wonderful for words. After three generations of shops operating, delicious consistent. The main dish of the "God made chicken" restaurant is chicken, which is well received.


ingenious shop, the shop is to point out the biggest characteristic: in store beams covered with dried chicken – dish of his home, the customer looked up, is not "a good chicken"!

a good chicken, in addition to his family’s "chicken" series of dishes, and other dishes are good! Such as: the old landlord, Maotai jelly foie gras when pulling vegetables and other are carefully processed delicious.

master from folk advertising since ancient times, the new era of industry is no exception, see the old lady’s "sweet first love" that many professional copywriter to shame, that "a good chicken" is a phrase with a double meaning more concise and comprehensive!

this name, even if we are not professionals, is enough to see that the success of it, this is not a general attraction. So, if you want to put a name to the shop, what kind of name would you choose?

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