Review on the development of entrepreneurship in Nanjing in 2015

back in 2015, Nanjing has made good progress in public entrepreneurship, innovation activities. A large number of business incubator emerged to help more entrepreneurial projects to grow rapidly, achieve incubation. Government and civil forces once again join hands, will create a harmonious environment for the business of Nanjing.

in March this year, the State Council issued "on the development of public record guidance" public space to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the deployment of public entrepreneurship, innovation. Good news, business time has become the most fashionable words, "zero threshold" public record "dreamer" space for business no longer stop in the dream, and realize the close at hand! At present, Nanjing hi tech Zone, the emergence of a number of star guest exchange, North maxspace, entrepreneurship coffee, a guest star Newell for innovative incubator representative. In June this year, high-tech zones promulgated "Nanjing high tech Zone Zhongchuang space identification and management measures", identified by the public record of space and space around the public record of innovation activities and innovation, will come up with "real money" to support and reward.

the government "hand" folk forces

"north shore hackerspaces"   3 years and strive to cultivate thousands of guests

3D printer, laser engraving machine, emergency UAV… In… (high-tech) north Zijin SAR hackerspaces crowded, "off the record" students Li Xuechao said: "this is a magical place, can provide the field to realize the dream to have the idea of young people."

The creation of

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