Some questions need to be understood before opening the franchise

now society, there are many people business, often will choose to join this way, because very often to save time, but also more likely to be successful, before start to join, good market investigation work is very important.

many franchisees in see a profit-making industry, blind investment. As everyone knows, the prospect of some industries have been analyzed, not so optimistic. Joining in the selection of the industry to join, it is best to fully understand and analyze the status and prospects of the industry, and then make a decision.

Second, brand choice

join after the choice of a good industry, brand choice can not be underestimated. Prior to joining the franchisee must first understand what the brand should have what conditions and "temper". For example, if the franchisee pays attention to tea quality and brand strength, you can choose the international well-known brands like tea chain   Lu rock tea, the brand not only has 20 years of brand history, and "good tea from the heron rock" is known to the public.

Third, the threshold to join


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