Zhuhai city college students to accept economic crime prevention education

student entrepreneurs this name means that young and passionate young and lack of experience, but also on behalf of. Nearly two years of economic crime be the most changeful, many people caught a fresh start. It is necessary to popularize the common sense of the entrepreneur.

to enhance Zhuhai city business students ability to guard against economic crime, the Zhuhai Municipal Public Security Bureau, Zhuhai city human resources and Social Security Bureau and other units jointly held on the afternoon of 27   "enterprise economic crime prevention theme publicity and education activities, more than 60 business student representatives participated in the educational activities.

during the campaign, in addition to graphic object display, professional explanation, the organizers also for business students on behalf of a theme of "common economic crime prevention and early warning" professional seminars. This lecture mainly for business students may encounter in the infringement of intellectual property rights, contract fraud, credit card fraud and other economic crimes, the organizers also combined with typical cases of Zhuhai City Public Security Bureau of economic investigation department investigation over the years, the law of economic criminal prosecution standard, prevention measures and other in-depth explanations, and puts forward some suggestions on how to improve the internal prevention mechanism for start-up enterprises.

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