Online investment to guard against these scams

now many small, informal merchants are everywhere on the website of a variety of investment to join advertising, said each project can easily make money, but behind these hype there are many unknown scams, must be vigilant.

headquarters in order to recruit many stores, often in stores the number of irrigation, claiming that their stores up to the number, but the number is really there are so many such claims, outsiders tend to confirm, can make nothing of it, the best way is to ask the headquarters to provide a list of all stores. The franchisee can according to the actual list, visited the store, and how to store the current business talk status, can get a more realistic answer.

right a receipt

because of the premium is the persistent charges, some franchisors will at the time of signing a contract requires franchisees opened within the period of full royalty checks, such as a contract for a period of five years, the right to take gold payment, some franchisees will ask the headquarters five years right gold, once open all five checks to pay headquarters. Later, once the case occurred, a system of franchise shop for two years, because the business is poor and put up the shutters but at the time of signing, early, has opened five Qi royalty cheque to the headquarters. So before the contract should be more understanding, so as not to increase trouble afterwards.

voluntarily join the gross profit guarantee

To ensure the implementation of

headquarter registered service mark of

franchisees to ensure the franchise rights, the requirements to join headquarters service mark certificate shall be present at the time of signing, because the so-called headquarters will join, is authorized to use the brand stores. In other words, the headquarters must first have this brand, in order to authorize the franchise. In other words, the headquarters must first obtain the wisdom of the property Bureau issued a service mark registration certificate. So, before joining in the United States, be sure to confirm that the headquarters does have this brand, can safely join.

requires franchisees signed on the spot to join

some headquarters in order to quickly expand the franchise, to.

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