What skills do you need to open a children’s toy shop

children toys shop is very profitable, many businesses have started their own companies, if you want to learn business skills can do investment business, if you grasp the skill is not very accurate, so we can together with small view, not to be missed.

children’s toy stores to join the clever application of the market: the majority of toys encounter difficult maintenance

many parents often encounter this problem, buy back in the toy market, just a few hours to the hands of children ", covered all over with cuts and bruises too horrible to look at.". Girls love doll, plush toys are often "eyes" off, because in addition to some big brands, the majority of toys there is no corresponding maintenance, maintenance difficult for many toys "shelf life" the only way for several hours. Parents had no choice but to go to buy a new, new or a sample.

Imported toys area

in Beijing in a shopping mall, Danish origin of "LEGO" brand counter assembly car 1188 yuan and 400 yuan to 700 yuan toy, the salesman said, these imported toys no maintenance points at home, such as damaged only by the users themselves. And in the side of the "TOMY" brand toys counter from Japan, the service staff was asked about the warranty and answered: "toys never warranty." Compared to imported toys, children’s toys store most of the domestic toys have warranty services, but it is not convenient". In a sale of "small emperor bee" remote control helicopter counter, the salesman told reporters, such as problems, beyond the exchange period, to send back to the manufacturer for repair, users need to bear the associated costs, and time spent about more than half a month.

children’s toy store to join the consumer to hear the call toy hospital

learned in the interview, but can’t repair the bad toys also really many. A lot of toys, such as electric toys, high intelligent toys are very expensive, and some even four hundred or five hundred yuan a, if only the lack of arms and legs, throw away a pity. Now many families have only one child, children’s toys consumption expenditure in each family, occupies a large proportion, and although most of the parents will not repair, but also will not give children to buy toys, when the toy is broken, the toy is often lost or sold as scrap.

children toys shop has a lot of business skills, if you continue to learn business skills and apply them into practice so naturally get good profit, if you want to dig more space to operate just to learn more business methods, is not rich lazy ah!

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