Where is the direction of entrepreneurship in 2016

2015, the most popular than the Internet industry, whether it is traditional industries or emerging industries, are trying to use the Internet to create a new world. When we discuss the direction of entrepreneurship in 2016, we can not talk about the internet.

1, Internet banking

on credit business, in the traditional credit industry chain in a ring to join the Internet, enhance the whole efficiency credit industry, increased its direct data acquisition ability and the ability to control the wind, enhance the integrity of the data source.

2, mobile payment

from WeChat red to ordinary residential market in the impact of mobile payment payment scenarios, have been the lowest consumption, mobile payment is still the entrance many entrepreneurial projects!

3, the development of intelligent hardware

4, digital entertainment, IP and content long-term bullish

in digital entertainment, new content and new media, the digital revolution and media equipment, a new generation of users find like-minded content through new media, including A station, B station, one hundred thousand joke etc.. This year’s release of the "bone", "flower Nirvana in Fire", "Tomb notes", "pancake man" was accompanied by the IP and the sale of the same name of the game on the line, entertainment consumption and recommended

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