To boost youth entrepreneurship Suzhou area add public record space

more and more of the emergence of the emergence of space for entrepreneurs to bring is a very good entrepreneurial platform, not only to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial passion, but also to ensure the quality of entrepreneurship. Therefore, Suzhou District added a public record space, boost youth entrepreneurship.

is located in Chang Xu Road No. 483, Suzhou industry investment, entrepreneurship garden, a "LOFT dream space" "public record platform" upcoming. Business incubator LOFT dream space "is different from the traditional, mainly for young entrepreneurs, they will become the breeding project, to achieve entrepreneurial dream accelerator. It is reported, LOFT will try to dreams of space operations in April 1st.

LOFT dreams of space will be set nine service platform, including government docking, financial services, marketing, service, Graduate mentoring, legal aid, intellectual property, financial agents and business agents, provide project reporting, bank financing, teacher training and other services. Road Subdistrict Office of the chief Zhou Zhichong said, LOFT dreams of space Focus hatch of Internet and e-commerce and other emerging industries, industrial design, entrepreneurship and innovation platform for modern entrepreneurs.



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