Wuhu restaurant explosion 17 people were killed in Anhui

is now in some city in the community life can be seen everywhere some small restaurants, and many safety production in some densely populated small restaurant is also a cause for concern, recently, have exploded a snack street in Anhui, Wuhu.

it is reported that the 17 victims were mainly due to carbon monoxide poisoning. The identity of the deceased is confirmed.

is located in the restaurant opposite the explosion of a breakfast shop owner Lee told reporters, after the incident he received notice of the government departments to stop business. "I heard that we have to rectify this street, this can be understood, the occurrence of such things we are very sad."

shortly after the explosion, Wuhu City Bureau of education official micro-blog issued a safety warning requirements, the County Education Bureau (Social Development Bureau), directly under the school, school, school, school to carry out fire safety inspection, to strengthen the safety education of kindergarten, primary and secondary school students; to guide parents, education students not to exist security risks of restaurants, stalls dining, emphasize fire safety, food safety and traffic safety.

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