Shanghai youth groups gradually become the main force of entrepreneurship

each city because of economic development is different, thus creating entrepreneurial environment will be different, because of this, choose to embark on the entrepreneurial age groups will naturally be different. And through the investigation of entrepreneurs in Shanghai understand that the youth group has gradually become the main force in Shanghai entrepreneurship.

Shanghai Municipal Employment Promotion Center recently issued a report, business survey of Shanghai citizens in 2015 report shows that Shanghai residents overall entrepreneurial activity rate continues to rise, but the youth is gradually becoming the main force of entrepreneurs, most look forward to the support policies for business tax relief is entrepreneurs.

since 2005, the Shanghai Municipal Employment Promotion Center according to the gem project (GEM) index system and survey methods, for many years to carry out investigation projects in Shanghai citizens, an important indicator of entrepreneurial activity rate per year released a series of a region reflects the activities of entrepreneurship.

hundreds of workers have 12 people are starting

2015 city residents overall entrepreneurial activity rate of 11.5%, that is, in the of the people of 16-64 years of age, there are 12 people are undertaking activities. The report shows that in 2015 the overall entrepreneurial activity rate of growth in 2014 compared to 10.4%, in the "double" background, Shanghai continued to show the trend of active entrepreneurial activities.

The proportion of

opportunity entrepreneurship showed an increasing trend

according to the different motives of entrepreneurship can be divided into entrepreneurial survival and entrepreneurial opportunities. In 2015 the opportunity entrepreneurship proportion increased to 59.8%, accounting for 40.2% of the entrepreneurs, to find business opportunities and achieve the entrepreneurial dream opportunity entrepreneurship group is the force of awakening.

youth groups gradually become the main force

survey shows that the city’s young entrepreneurs will continue to be active. 2015 16-35 year old youth entrepreneurial rate was 11.8%, the intention of entrepreneurial activity rate of up to 20.7%, higher than the general situation of the public. From the overall trend in recent years, the proportion of young entrepreneurs group is very stable, has been maintained at 12% up and down, which means that every one of Shanghai’s 9 young entrepreneurs. Youth groups have become the main force in the city.

entrepreneurship driven employment multiplier effect continues to increase

2015 city each entrepreneur can drive an average of 8.2 jobs, entrepreneurial employment efficiency should be gradually increased. Opportunities for entrepreneurial enterprises in which 9.6 jobs, the survival of entrepreneurial enterprises driven by 5.7 jobs. In contrast, employment opportunity entrepreneurship driven social recommendation

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