What are the hot pot projects in winter

Paul Dudley Hot pot

Paul Dudley Hot pot rely on high-quality mutton resources and independent research and development of Hot pot soup, through the output of catering services, play the market segments, rich format management measures, in order to expand the market chain model, to achieve industrial upgrading in breeding and processing, logistics and distribution to enhance the level of service, with network information, standardize enterprise management, the construction of small as advanced management, mechanism innovation, benefit first class restaurant group, based in Inner Mongolia, look around the world.

Paul Dudley Hot pot will continue to adhere to the "honesty, Efficiency comes from diligence. to excel in" business philosophy, and constantly improve the management system, technical support system, supervision operation system and quality assurance system at the same time, efforts to develop franchising business, let the fourth generation Chongqing Hot pot fashion, taste of the concept of carry forward.

Paul Dudley Hot pot is different from the traditional Hot pot business model, there is no cook, simple bottom material and small material, each store purchase of various dishes, simply copy the management process, you can enjoy "hundred shops such as a" quality and speed, cooperation will win!

Paul Dudley Hot pot, health experts jointly developed, together with 16 Chinese herbs boiled soup, sweet but not greasy, spicy but not dry, hemp and not spicy, eat in the mouth, mouth sweet, eat to the heart, the heart is cool, unique flavor, taste variety!

Hot pot 610064

elegant style of each God is different, reflecting the different ethnic customs and cultural side of Bashu people in different periods, so that more foreign tourists know God, know the old Shu country, also let home in different places of Bashu people can find the feeling of home.

God Hot pot lets you eat out affordable, taste more flavor, and let your physical and mental pleasure to experience strong Sichuan food culture charm! We firmly believe that with the increasing number of stores, this splendid food culture will be carried out throughout the country and abroad.

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