User interaction] how to start one thousand yuan

venture, is not necessarily have enough money? Entrepreneurship, is not to invest more in return? Now only one thousand yuan in the hands, how should entrepreneurship? This problem, of course, help users know everything equal to anything, to see if they have what idea!


entrepreneurs to:

Second, first you, your contacts, channels and other resources, there is no natural. The internal repaired, you will naturally know how to find the resources, how to integrate them.

Third, 1000 yuan, you in the Internet bubble waiting for someone to answer your questions, if you go to work, make money, capital 10 days into 2000, one month after they become 4000. Know what I mean?   take advantage of your time has no value or time scale is still very cheap, while the accumulation of original capital, while practicing internal strength.

Fourth, humbled himself a couple of years, waiting for the best chance, decisive shot, official business.

experienceOne case:

The first day of

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