Wang Chaoyong optimistic about the opportunity to start Zhengzhou air port

The rise of

entrepreneurial boom, to China’s economic transformation and upgrading into a new force, creating a huge job opportunities. In Beijing ChinaEquity Capital Group founder and chairman Wang Chaoyong’s eyes, China has become a hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship.

11 on the 28 day at 11:32 in the morning, Beijing to Zhengzhou G83 train station, 2 minutes into the station later. On the platform, the reporter to recognize a crowd wangchaochong: black coat a black-and-white striped scarf, elegant and stylish range of children. Wang Chaoyong, the famous investor, Beijing ChinaEquity Capital Group founder and chairman. As a senior investor and successful entrepreneurs, he will be the entrepreneurs of Henan what kind of proposal? We listened to him.

"China has become a hot spot for innovation and entrepreneurship." Wang Chaoyong said he invested 15 years ago entrepreneurial enterprises are mostly concentrated in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen first-tier cities, now all over the country to see, each one is for entrepreneurship and innovation. "The upsurge of entrepreneurial innovation has played a huge role in promoting China’s economic transformation and upgrading." Wang Chaoyong said, entrepreneurial innovation boom, the success of the BAT, millet, music and the rise of private enterprises, the emergence of new industries, but also creates huge employment opportunities, promote the progress of science and technology and product innovation, stimulating the contribution of new products GDP. "At present, double influence has direct international, many countries in the management of enterprises is recognized China."

double boom detonated national entrepreneurship. What kind of people can become entrepreneurial big coffee?

"Henan strong industrial base, there are a lot of opportunities in the manufacturing industry." Wang Chaoyong believes that the Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area has a strong clustering effect, entrepreneurs can look for opportunities for entrepreneurship. In addition, he recommended

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