Traditional enterprises to transform the nternet should not be used as a tool to use

in the era of big data, people referred to the "Internet plus" is no longer strange, but you can really understand how much? In order not to be eliminated by the times, many traditional companies want to reform, "Internet plus" transformation, so in the end how to be successful?

the traditional enterprise Internet transformation consultants in the first half, found such a level of understanding the majority of enterprises still remain in the Internet is only a tool, more considered as a supplement to extend beyond a message tool, a channel and the normal operation of the.

is not aware of the use of the Internet thinking and mode to their production process, management structure, communication form some fundamental subversion, more not aware of any industry using the Internet to add to the formation of a new business model to subvert the consumer market and consumer habits.

this lack of awareness is actually the biggest crisis! But when I do not know when the Internet was coming, the traditional enterprise faces only two fate, or to grow wings, or stay on the beach. This is a painful choice or the choice of the process, but also the transformation of industrial enterprises must upgrade the path. In my opinion, Nike is a relatively early embrace of the traditional Internet companies, it in 2005 when the concept of "NIKE+". At that time, together with Apple Corp R & D Nike+iPod product portfolio, and then build a digital motion platform, and now, the Internet and big data has begun to profoundly affect the company’s traditional business.

In the process of

in the choice of the way and the mode of transformation of the Internet, personal advice companies must first clarify three issues.

Second, online and offline integration in all aspects of the industry chain, how to arrange the original, how the allocation of resources, is the business model design. For example, the middle part of the cut to improve efficiency, the process is very painful for traditional companies, and even no way to achieve. Another example is to obtain new or existing resources, integration of resources, or line service personnel into the platform, these enterprises need to take into consideration.

third questions, what kind of organization structure and management mode. To adapt to the rapidly changing Internet, is completely different from the traditional recommendation

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