Simple operation and good money earning 5000 9000

barbecue, is definitely one of the most popular summer food. Therefore, the automatic barbecue machine becomes artifact! The utility model relates to a fully automatic barbecue machine, which is a novel automatic rotary barbecue device, and the whole machine is made of stainless steel. The operating principle of the motor through a transmission chain fork type barbecue sign rotation by thermal radiation will be cooked food, has the characteristics of health, smokeless, no oil droplets splash, suitable for all types of businesses and the use of barbecue shop.

product introduction

product advantages

1. environmental protection and energy saving, cost saving.

2. is easy to operate.

The operating conditions of

according to different types of products, automatic barbecue machine distribution market price in 500 yuan, 1700 yuan. Agents according to different levels of agents, enjoy different discounts on the purchase price, and no need to pay margin.


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