Rural cigarette retail customers want to profit still need to do a good job ahead of time

Although the

season is a hot time for the sale of major stores, but also the time of strict control of cigarettes, which led to a lot of retail customers do not know how to deal with. Seeing the December coming, the tobacco companies began to put the cigarette products into a serious quantity control period, at the end of the year is the peak of cigarette demand while the rural market, the deficit will undoubtedly give rural cigarette retail customer brought a lot of trouble, worry about falling profits. In such a period of contradiction, how should we deal with the cigarette retail customers in rural areas? Recommended to do the following three points.

first, ahead of schedule planning. At the end of each year, the tobacco companies will do a year supply delivery plan, plan, plan first quarter, so the cigarette retailers to early to understand the city’s cigarette delivery plan according to the delivery plan of various independent supply order plan, make various brand inventory preparation.

two, ahead of capital planning. Have experience in the cigarette retailers know that new year’s day, the tobacco companies will peatlands, this time is the eve of the Spring Festival, a variety of products to a large number of stock, for the new year sales, therefore, the lack of funds is the biggest problem. So it is recommended that its own funds for stock funds, and then apply for a credit card to make money.

is currently in Longhai can apply for a maximum of 3 credit cards of different banks, each maximum amount of up to 50 thousand, a total of 150 thousand yuan, the longest repayment date is 53 days, the background deduction system can compare the tobacco amount to debit card. But here to remind customers to calculate the repayment date in the use of credit cards to timely repayment, so as not to exceed the time deducted interest, affect the credit.

three, ahead of inventory management planning. In rural areas, many customers do not have a strong sense of inventory management, ordering, sales arbitrariness, lack of planning, to be inventory is excessive.

cigarette sales will not have a good performance, which is very important with the beginning of the order. Therefore, we must make each inventory before ordering and inventory management to have flexibility, such as some products, such as 7 wolf (small Tong Xian) is often used when the wedding smoke, can not normally sell but to set the number of how many, prepared in advance inventory in the off-season, the big demand for the feast when the smoke. We need a cigarette sales to retail customers "in advance" plan, as long as you raise the awareness of planning will be prepared against want cigarette sales profit only, natural growth did not fall.

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