Wuhan sophomore boys innovation and entrepreneurship to win the wealth of VR experience Museum

many people have the idea of entrepreneurship, college students as the age of the God’s favored one is no exception. Today, with the development of social economy, more and more entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurship is also a variety of patterns, today we will introduce a sophomore boy in Wuhan innovation and entrepreneurship story.

"feels like going to Happy Valley, and now there’s a halo." Yesterday, a space in the long dream of the Wuhan Bioengineering Institute in Wuhan, the first school of VR (virtual reality) Museum District trial operation, just came out from the VR experience, sophomore girls Weipe could not wait to share their feelings.

School of architectural engineering sophomore Song Zhengshen is the boss of the VR Museum, influenced by the management of the school education and management of strong atmosphere, Song Zhengshen has been doing business to find suitable projects. In early 2015, he began to focus on understanding VR technology. This summer, he also went to Shanghai, Pudong to participate in the activities organized by businesses, arranged for more than two hours of the team, to the VR experience Museum really experience a.

with perceptual knowledge, Song Zhengshen use of the summer vacation time for market research, he found that the majority of consumers VR Experience Hall for students, which strengthened his confidence in the school set up VR experience museum. A school, he began to work in the preparatory work, with the support of the school, he zero rent settled in the school park. After more than a month of soft decoration, equipment procurement and commissioning, yesterday, the VR Experience Hall for the whole school teachers and students trial operation.

Song Zhengshen, at present, in a second tier city, large shopping malls and equipped with VR science and technology museum experience, Wuhan also has two large breed of museum experience, some shopping malls and amusement park has a small museum experience, there is no university. The college students are willing to try new things, have a certain understanding of VR, there is a huge consumer groups and broad market prospects.

with the support of his family, Song Zhengshen procurement of VR equipment from the network, invested about forty thousand yuan. His experience museum is set science, games, sports, psychological challenges, such as the experience of the project, in accordance with the charges, usually ten yuan to experience the experience of three to five minutes.

Song Zhengshen has been inspected, some people flow where the museum opened VR operating in good condition, if his propaganda in place, next week officially opened after the flow of people expected, the monthly income is expected to reach million yuan.

because they have a queue two hours of experience, Song Zhengshen also seize this additional opportunities, in the experience of the addition of a tea, let the customer can wait for the coffee through their computer to study and work.

today entrepreneurship is no longer a new thing, but the new recommendation

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