Why do some people fail

every day, every hour and every second, there are people in the business, but also entrepreneurial success, more people start a business failure, then what are the reasons for the failure of entrepreneurship, can not be avoided? More than ninety percent start-up companies, it is only one reason, is the money. The small remaining part, may be inconsistent or the concept of unfair distribution of interests lead to separation, or because of the contradiction between control of core members kill these cases, most still can continue to live, and only a few big companies to close.

Secret CEO see the situation is not good, the money is not spent, the company closed, the rest of the money back to the shareholders, but also a conscience. But this is not the norm, most entrepreneurs will use will wait until the last moment, really do not go down to declare bankruptcy. At this time to implement the liquidation of assets, the remaining assets will be the first to pay the debt, and then the shareholders, but the company did not have money, but also can not squeeze out the liquidation. Of course, you can also choose to suspend business for a time, do not need to liquidate assets, leaving a trail, but investors usually do not want, because there are joint and several liability as shareholders.

A Portfolio, my former company

is not less than twenty employees, but the monthly cost of nearly four hundred thousand, seemingly did not spend money, but look down, a month rent to Jiaotong University tens of thousands, the facilities are new, planning thirty seats, several rooms, space utilization rate half, free coffee, conference room often snacks, staff salaries are very good, also have normal welfare, hotel booking tickets also take a special travel agency in advance. Even, did not earn money, but also bonuses, although it is outrageous, but it happened. As soon as the money is over, the company is in danger and is easily knocked down.


fast money, I suggest that we do not pay or pay cuts against past, whether or not to accept the old employees, and why? Because once the compression cost, will stated the difficulties, moving company is very troublesome, employees will be lost, all kinds of resistance and reason will appear, pay less no one will be happy, so indecisive, and harmony, what do not.

these are caused by bad management inertia, entrepreneurs are people, people do not like change, fear of uncertainty, it is difficult to cut their hands. But for the beginning of the start-up companies, compared with no feeling for money, if there is a large initial use of funds in hand, things such as rent to a multitude of things, who will spend too much energy to the incident management, however, the devil is in the details, start with money attitude about failure is waved toward you.

every company has gone through the road from scratch, now the big company is a small company before, but they succeeded. Their money, are the two to make a tiny bit, to the province. The failure to recommend

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