Guizhou to develop programs to encourage children to return home to start home

left-behind children is a common problem in China society, many rural families in order to obtain a better income, parents have to leave the hometown to work in the city, leaving the children grow up in parents lack of environment, is not conducive to children’s physical and mental health. Want to solve the problem of left behind children, the development of home business will become a good choice.

"six accurate": helping to establish accurate ledger, clear at village level organizations to carry out the "one to one" special assistance to the village to identify the location of households, helping people to


precision to carry out policy advocacy, multi-channel and multi form to the plight of children in the family left-behind children of migrant workers send home business employment policy information;

precision to carry out post service, city and county government and social department in conjunction with the development and Reform Commission by letter, civil affairs and other departments, every six months to organize 1 local employment status information collection release work, carry out employment positions "to hand" and special recruitment activities;

precision carry out skills training, combined with the employment needs of enterprises and individuals will organize targeted job skills training, employment skills training, demonstration and training, entrepreneurship training, to ensure that the plight of children in family labor left-behind children enjoy priority at least 1 times training;

precision to carry out entrepreneurial employment support of left-behind children children in family labor return their own businesses, can enjoy the priority of entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship loans, business subsidies, social insurance subsidies and other support policies;

precision strengthen rights protection, and actively promote the plight of children in family labor left-behind children to participate in social insurance, in accordance with the law and supervise compliance guidance unit and general sign and strictly carry out the labor contract, and increase their efforts to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers labor rights protection.

let parents home business, not only solved the problem of township and rural residents entrepreneurial income, can also promote regional economic development, retain talent, forming a virtuous circle. Let left-behind children and their parents are no longer perfect family really get numerous hills and streams.

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