How to successfully run a car beauty shop

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when a project in the business when in fact very tangled, the choice of the project is not so difficult, there is a market demand for the project is critical for many entrepreneurs who want to succeed in business, not only to choose a good industry to do, but also pay attention to some management problems. Today, the automotive industry is still quite a market, there are a lot of people engaged in the business of entrepreneurs. Here to tell you about how to successfully run a car beauty shop.

new customers are customers who have not been in the shop before the beauty of the car, the development of new customers is the beauty shop to defeat rivals and expand the size of the inevitable choice. There are two types of new customers: one is to add new users, and the other is from other car beauty shops. Beauty shop should be aimed at these two sources to adopt a suitable strategy.

for the new car beauty shop is particularly important, should make full use of the opportunity to open, take a variety of incentives to attract customers. According to different service objects, the PR strategy is:

(1) for all levels of government agencies, organizations and all enterprises and institutions of official vehicles, official car beauty shop can be directly and more agencies, issued in the opening ceremony invitation and temporary VIP card to them, and shall during the trial operation and the opening day to the beauty shop for car maintenance and guests can get special offers, and can obtain a valid for more than 1 years should be marked after opening a VIP card, no longer issued the same preferential and more preferential card invitation, in order to keep its promise, opened again after the Huika payment excellent, the discount rate should be lower than before the opening of a discount card, if the discount rate is higher than before the opening a discount card, should make special instructions;

(2) for private cars by directly issuing discount cards and invitations to the owners, such as direct to the residential areas on the discount cards, invitations to the residents, or to the district parking lot of the discount card, invitation on the vehicle, the car can also have a higher rate of discount cards, units issued invitations to the owner 3); beauty shop can also commissioned a nearby gas station in the small gift way entrainment discount cards, invitations, or sent to the bustling commercial district with discount cards, invitations to passers-by.

automotive beauty industry in today’s development is very fast, but also the time to start a business worth considering, start a car beauty shop, in the business, there are many problems need to pay attention to. For entrepreneurs, many people may not have any experience in the operation, there are many problems will be ignored. Now on the successful operation of a car beauty shop on the introduction, I hope we can bring some help.

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