Xining public security police actively carry out the visit comment on police activities

Xining public security police actively carry out the "visit" comment on police activities, police gather heart, praised.


branch in Nanchuan industrial park visit, inviting park enterprises responsible person forum, listen to opinions and suggestions, and sincerely accept criticism and supervision, and strive to achieve "low incidence, good order, social stability and the satisfaction of the masses" working target.

Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Huzhengbumen "migrant workers Accreditation Service Month" activities before and after the Spring Festival to carry out. The time node of the police station in the city to seize the migrant workers returning home for Spring Festival and the year after the city workers, organization staff, equipment of remote villages, for the two generation ID card and related formalities for migrant workers settled in migration. Urban household registration departments and community police into the community, the integration of urban and rural construction site, and the temporary population is more concentrated market, market of door-to-door floating population registration card; police station household registration window extended working hours, in time for the masses to account migration, account information and change the ID card and other issues, on the admissibility of the permit application do the audit, issued the same day, the same day upload. During the month of the event, the Xining police returned home for migrant workers to apply for a resident identity card 7061 people, temporary identity card of 359 passengers, temporary residence permits of 1332 passengers.

Xining traffic police detachment Che Kwun so the needs of the masses as a breakthrough, the use of the weekend to carry out driving test work, in order to meet the needs of college students, migrant workers and returned to the exam. Before and after the Spring Festival, the use of vehicle administration police dispatched 66 times a day, for a total of 3270 people driving test.


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