Xining city traffic police brigade ban Ming propaganda in and out of the rental car

August 6th, Xining city traffic police brigade instructor Liu Ningyu, Dongchuan squadron commander Liu Hailin came to Xining city and a taxi driver for Rita, a lively traffic safety education.

currently, Chengdong District Traffic Police Brigade city transport, Ruida two rental, taxi 2253 vehicles, accounting for about 40% of the total amount of the city’s taxi, therefore, it is necessary to strengthen traffic safety education of taxi driver. Police in tooting action "as the starting point, increase the regulation of motor vehicle traffic violations at the unit, to standardize the area of road traffic order, improve the quality of drivers. The police to convey the spirit of the Xining city traffic police detachment on tooting action "in the special activities of the documents to the driver, the driver to understand the conduct of tooting action" is an important project of government for the tangible things, good things. Require drivers to improve the quality of the city from the start, and consciously safeguard the urban traffic order, and create a harmonious transport, civilized city. After class, Liu Ningyu and the rental of the leadership of the forum, on how to strengthen the management of the driver, humbly listen to the views and suggestions of the rental bank leaders and drivers.

free in the remediation of motor vehicles traffic violations campaign, east of the City Traffic Police Brigade made tooting "sign 6, banners 5, suspended, placed in the main street, to remind drivers to obey" Jinming "provisions.


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