Promote the introduction the city has added impetus to development

In September 19th, the city will contact the extension is still constantly exciting, from Huangyuan Dahua Industrial Park is good news, this city will contact the county a large contract project – Fu Yin Dahua Tibet plateau characteristics of origin of industrial agglomeration Park project construction. Signing of the project soon fall, is the best host city development and Investment Fair which results, but also through the fair city this platform to attract foreign investment, promote the integration of city and city livable city construction industry impetus plateau.

with the implementation of the national "The Belt and Road" new urbanization and other major strategic development, city construction is facing new opportunities and challenges. The introduction of a number of key investment projects to adapt to the current development is still the focus of the current city fair. Domestic and foreign investors who admire or love the highland investment hot spot, with the negotiations, cooperation and the sincerity of the expectations, Xining, of course, to sincerely offer a feast". This year the city will contact the city during the selection of 168 projects involving city construction, industry, commerce, agriculture, science and education, tourism and municipal infrastructure in the field of the grand launch of the city area, the development of the new energy high-tech industry integration, extending up the chain and some tourist resource development projects by the appearance of a will, by participating merchants attention, project consulting and investment intentions come in a throng.

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