When the 77 bus stop can be checked in advance

Since last October, a bus company launched the "Xining bus pocket software was gradually known to the public, just use your fingers to gently point, will be able to grasp the situation of the destination of the bus ride. In March 11th, reporters from Xining bus Refco Group Ltd was informed that the company is currently stepping up on each line system upgrade, this month is expected to be in the bottom of our existing 77 bus lines to achieve coverage in place, all by the public via software query all line bus arrival instant.The

in the past, especially in winter, standing at the bus station waiting Pavilion is a very painful thing for the public, the body was shivering did not say, but also to keep watching the bus come craned not. Now the Xining pocket bus "software, people only need to have an Internet enabled smart mobile phone, download to install" Xining bus pocket software, you can query the bus route information, vehicle location, real-time bus transfer scheme for bus travel information. People in the bus can know, pinch points and other vehicles. This software also has a function – to remind the station, if you are afraid of listening to music or playing the phone to sit over the station, as long as you want to set up the site to remind the station will be able to avoid sitting.


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