Xining a tourism demonstration city next year will be built 54 new public toilets

"This toilet is clean, sanitary, not only very humane, and the appearance of color and the surrounding landscape is very harmonious. Do not damage the overall environment of the scenic spots, if not eye-catching signs, but also can not imagine such an antique building is a public toilet." In October 10th, Huang Le Park in the East District of an antique architectural style toilet makes visitors feel comfortable. Come inside, clean and clean internal environment, with hooks, toilet paper rack, basket and other settings, with a special toilet for people with disabilities, the details of the show intimate service. Similarly, the Kumbum Monastery scenic area, the style of the 5A toilet is to get a lot of visitors point praise.

"in the creation of Xining Tourism Standardization goal, we focus on building public toilets toilet standards and scenic spot level matching, and the surroundings, attention at key nodes layout of road travel toilet." Xining Tourism Bureau staff said. 2015, the city’s four districts and counties of the new, expansion and expansion of the 42 tourist toilets, has now been completed and put into use, a small toilet revolution, driven by the city civilization forward step by step, the three. In the recently held the sixth meeting of the tourism development of the province, the provincial tourism bureau put forward in the next year before the new tourist season, transformation, upgrading of the tourism toilet in, a total of 1000 newly built into the tourism toilet in 2017. The city of Xining will also benefit, before the 2016 tourist season, Xining will build 25, the transformation of the 29 public toilets. Let visitors come to Xining toilet more convenient". At the same time, will encourage social business establishments and organs and institutions of the toilet will be open to visitors free of charge, efforts to solve the problem of insufficient toilets in the tourist season. Guide the visitors to take care of the facilities, civilized toilet, and strive to create a healthy and civilized toilet culture.  

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