The closing of the FRST good as sun burning heart

following Gou Shisan, director of the new masterpiece of the film, the scorching sun burning heart become the focus of attention this year, Chinese film, Cao Baoping. Recently, the reporter learned from the Organizing Committee of FIRST, the film will serve as the ninth session of the FIRST Youth Film Festival closing film, on July 27th in Xining show stellar studios.
"the invitation to" sun burning heart "as the closing film, young directors who have a chance from the individual work sequence and the type of film director Cao Baoping on the dimensions of its share of creative experience." FIRST organizing committee told reporters. From the comments of the parties, these two topics have become the focus of attention to the interpretation of the film. The scorching sun is still the continuation of the author’s style, but no matter from the image or structure, are more mature and free. The film narrative promotion from a bottom ten years of murder, in the film characters, the complicated human nature between sin and salvation is cruising three-dimensional show complex situation of breed of good and evil in the same individual, make the film with strong spiritual core.


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