The third electric vehicle challenge lake to start on the first day by winds and rain in the beautif

in the morning of June 20th, the sky was covered with drizzle, the enthusiasm of the people participating in the show did not decrease. Along with the seventeenth Chinese · Qinghai green investment and Trade Fair curtain, Third Ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge also held a departure ceremony at the Qinghai International Exhibition Center Plaza, the electric car led Beiqi new energy car decoration shine, followed by the departure of the arch to embark on the journey, mark a tournament the most important part of the test match officially opened the curtain.

after the departure ceremony, in the gentle, electric car team starting from Xining, began to accept 981.4 kilometers, a total of 12 stages of the test. On the day of the Xining – Qilian – Menyuan stage, the total mileage of more than and 200 kilometers, the all electric vehicles in addition to face an average of 3000 meters above the altitude, also made the evaluation of interior design, fast charging ability, appearance design, comfortable configuration etc..

car all the way through the plateau blue sky and white clouds, but also experienced a cloudy cloudy rainy day. A sometimes sunny, showers, changing weather, not only adds a different kind of passion for the event, but also a test of the performance of the vehicle brand, so that each driver has a new experience for electric vehicle challenge.

has experienced about four hours of travel, the team arrived in picturesque Qilian county. It is reported that on the spot after a night of rest, the 21 day will embark on a new stage of the journey, from Qilian, the old days pass winter tree root Village, Atomic City arrive via Jiro sword. One day old root Village – Atomic City stage up to 122.5 km, is the longest stage of the tournament. In the game, the climbing ability of electric vehicles, science and technology configuration, saving power, etc..

at the same time, in the 21 day of the event, in order to enrich the trip, will also hold a pure journey, the heart of antelope cherish biodiversity conservation environmental protection activities.


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