Advocate leading cadres to write articles

at present, in some of our leading cadres in the ranks, there is a gentleman does not move the mouth phenomenon. Whether it is speech, report, summary, published articles, or presided over by the secretary or subordinate word should do, even every time speaking words, make a report, a meeting from the secretary general or subordinate to. Over time, it is bound to cause personal writing Kung Fu, mental and mental state degradation.

as a leading cadres, especially one of the units or departments, the work is relatively busy, and some also equipped with a full-time secretary, general articles do not have to do it yourself. But you know, writing can not only reflect the writing ability, but also reflects the observation and thinking ability and the ability to analyze the problems deeply, life ability and the ability of theory and practice, it is a comprehensive ability to reflect the. A part of their own writing articles, I think about the work seriously and ideas, can enhance the charisma of leading cadres. The public in the press, not only can we observe the leadership style, leadership, knowledge and political wisdom. And you start to write the article relatively bureaucratic regulation Mandarin less truth truth confidences; talk big words not to the point less problem on the status quo of looking for solutions; to avoid conflict issues lip-service less opportunity to speak about the prospect of bringing challenges. This article reads intimacy, make people have the opportunity to approach the leading cadres of the inner world, potentially narrowing the masses and leading cadres of the distance, feel their feelings, understand their anxiety, share their joy, understanding their bitter hidden, but also broaden the masses know the political channels to a certain extent, stimulate people’s participation enthusiasm, a gap between the leading cadres and the masses of the heart bridge and communication platform, to enhance public confidence in the future of life, enhance the leading cadres in the eyes of the masses prestige. At this point, Mao Zedong, the great man of the generation, set a good example for us. He was extremely hard and bitter, so the war, wrote many popular articles, such as "contradiction", "on practice" as a glorious chapter.

, therefore, the leadership of the new era to do the ability to do not degenerate, the idea is not shrinking, the spirit is not decadent, and always maintain vitality and youthful vitality, he started writing articles should be a good way. (author: Zhu Xinshun)

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