A Xining Armed Police Command College in recognition of outstanding performance

In September 10th, 13 cadres of Xining Armed Police Command College teacher wearing red ribbons, as "the military Yucai advanced individual", "the armed forces, the armed forces of excellent teachers" good education "and" post accomplishment advanced individual "model commended awards.

the past two years, Xining Armed Police Command College Party firmly establish the talent of ideas, adhere to the construction of teachers as a basic project to grasp, through the arrangement of on-the-job self-study, there are plans to further study, grassroots exercise, on behalf of the organization to carry out research, regular seminars, teaching competitions and other activities, deepen teaching staff education knowledge and practical teaching ability. On this basis, the Party committee of college innovation competition and incentive mechanism for outstanding achievements in teaching teachers in the promotion of cadres, conferring meritorious service, and other aspects of the selection of advanced to give preferential policies, and to find ways for families have difficulty cadre teachers to solve practical problems, to further mobilize the enthusiasm of their internal job accomplishment enterprising spirit and striving for excellence. The cadres and teachers have the source of power, care and love into college party diligent teaching teachers, adhere to devoting themselves to education, from teaching as the honor, dedication to music, actively participate in the teaching reform, and comprehensively improve the quality of education.

it is understood that the Xining Armed Police Command College in recent years there have been more than 50 cadres and teachers overcome the alpine mountain dangerous way and other difficulties, deep into the post tunnel more than 4000 meters above sea level in Yushu, Guoluo, Haixi state preaching tour party theory for officers and soldiers to the performance of Gao Yuangan of teachers good hard-working spirit and dedication. (author: Yang Jijie Ma Ding is Wenchang)


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