Datong to create 14 model village project

in the comprehensive promotion of "construction work in Datong County treasure Township Party committee and government actively relying on local resources, in the light of its general trend, the overall planning of regional development layout, according to the development idea of" one village one characteristic, a brand ", devote themselves to create" 1+4 "to create a model village project, a strong impetus to the local economy social development.

carefully nurtured 1 bases. According to the advantages of resources and pasture Ba Yin Cun richly endowed by nature of animal husbandry development advantages, treasure Township Party committee and government to actively contact the County cattle farms, in the construction of rural science and technology education and training base treasure, and invited the cattle farm technical guidance personnel on-site professional and technical knowledge for farmers and herdsmen on cattle and sheep breeding, disease prevention and other aspects, improve the capacity of the cattle and sheep the village farming herdsman. Efforts to create 4 demonstration villages. Township Water Village treasures in the linking point helping units helping support, through the implementation of village comprehensive service center renovation, drinking water project, the village road construction projects, greatly improving the production and living conditions of the masses, to become the county’s famous model village twinning. The village temple temple with the national Forest Park scenic resources of the tourist attractions, and actively develop the rural tourism economy, making it a veritable tourist village. The Russian Botou Village Township is a multi-ethnic village, over the years, the village people of all nationalities live in harmony, unity and mutual assistance, the county has become a typical demonstration of national unity and progress of the village. Zhang Jia Tan township to the village Party branch as the core, with cooperative ties to industry base, to farmers as the main body, through continuous development and growth, has formed a "branch + cooperative + farmer" model for the development of the spruce planting characteristics of the village. Currently, the village planted more than 1 thousand and 300 acres of spruce, per capita income of $9298.


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