China and South Korea Cultural Festival into the great beauty of Qinghai

has a thousand miles to meet. August 16th at 8 pm, as one of the theme of the Qinghai Cultural Tourism Festival theme of the, the United States – Qinghai – China and South Korea cultural festival performances in Qinghai Convention Center opened the curtain. Vice governor Zhang Jianmin and South Korea’s foreign trade committee member of the Changan Hong Jun and other guests and the scene of nearly a thousand spectators watched the show.

South Korea edge culture festival is China Cultural Friendship Association brand cultural exchange activities in China and South Korea has been held nine times, the cultural festival in a variety of activities to further promote bilateral cultural exchanges between the two countries, so as to deepen the friendship between the Chinese people to each other, "the China ROK relationship to Cultural Festival a positive role in promoting cultural exchanges between China and South Korea have. The "beauty of Qinghai – South Korea border culture festival" is rich in content, a very high level, exhibitions, performances, visits and other activities, not only to fully show the Korean culture and art, and can make the Korean guests on Qinghai’s natural and cultural history, folk custom, has a more intuitive understanding, there is a a new experience and feeling of great beauty of Qinghai.

Before the performance of the

, Jin Chenkun, President of the Korea Institute of Chinese culture. He said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Korea 21 years ago, in the political, economic, trade and other fields have been active exchanges. China and South Korea border cultural celebration this year ushered in a seventh year, the festival held alternately in China and South Korea, is composed of many groups from all walks of life to participate in the cultural exchange platform, is also the witness of the friendship between the two peoples growth stage. (author: Lan Xintian)


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