Datong County People’s Congress to carry out appraisal activities Qing Lin Xiang

according to the Green Forest Township People’s Congress 2012 "people’s Congress" activities "activities", August 27th Qing Lin Xiang county and township organization of 26 deputies to the township population and family planning management and service work of the Council chamber. The meeting was presided over by the chairman of the National People’s Congress Chairman Sun Jishun, deputy director of the village on behalf of the record and family planning service room staff attended the meeting.

first by the deputy mayor for the first half of 2012 the population and family planning work report, some deputies made a speech, that Qing Lin Xiang population and family planning work through family planning cadres, and achieved good results, and the family planning cadres of hard work are inseparable. Today, family planning has been popular, has changed the work mode and method, the work of family planning into the transition period, from the past to the executive order mainly to the present development of service oriented, the delegates want family planning cadres to seize opportunities and difficulties, coordination, strive to do a good job of family planning work in the new period and provide more quality for the masses, more convenient and more effective service.

deputies also conducted a satisfactory evaluation, satisfaction rate of over 90%. People’s Congress believes that the rural population and family planning work of leadership, effective measures, solid foundation, the formulation and implementation of the preferential policy for Qing Lin Xiang actual work, the family planning work to improve to a higher level.

finally, comrade Sun Jishun, chairman of the National People’s Congress stressed that the rural population and family planning management service room cadres according to the representatives put forward opinions and suggestions to further improve their work style, improve service attitude, improve service quality, to service commitment, sincerely listen to the voice of the masses, truly reflect the aspirations of the masses, the truth about the sufferings of the masses, let the people get more benefits, make the service more and more warm sunshine". ()


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