Combination of agriculture and tourism in the north of the city of Xining city ecological agricultur

in July 16th, the city of Xining, the city has added a modern urban ecological agricultural park – Hui Tian ecological park. The project is based on the development of ecological agriculture, agriculture and tourism will be organically combined, is conducive to play the role of urban ecological agriculture park cluster and radiation driven role, to create urban ecological agriculture park.

ecological park is located in the Tian Hui Da Bao Zi Cun Da Bao Zi Zhen Cheng Bei District, covers an area of 400 acres, built a high standard of winter greenhouse vegetable planting, fresh vegetables, vegetable base detection and processing and distribution center. The project highlights the technical characteristics of pollution-free agriculture, financial characteristic planting, agricultural tourism, farming experience, leisure and entertainment in one, will play the tourism function of modern agricultural production, relying on agricultural scientific research, improve the added value of agricultural production, agricultural production and the formation of positive interaction between leisure and entertainment.

after the project put into operation, will form a "agricultural super docking" production and marketing service model, can effectively reduce the circulation of agricultural products, reduce the cost of agricultural products circulation, to ensure the safety of urban supply and consumption. At the same time, can drive the surrounding more than and 500 farmers engaged in specialty vegetable cultivation, the annual income of more than $1500 for each household, providing jobs in the more than and 140. (author: Peng Na)

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