16 to 17 Xining will have a significant precipitation weather process

The reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Meteorological Observatory, according to the latest meteorological data analysis, affected by the cold air from the north edge of the subtropical high and the southwest warm and humid air, 16 to 17, Xining city will have a significant rainfall weather process, 18 days to 19 days, showers or thunderstorms.

expert analysis, the precipitation process, Xining local area may be short-term convective heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, hail, lightning and other weather, the relevant departments need to strengthen flood control and mountain flood, landslide and debris flow disaster prevention work, at the same time, the need to guard against strong convective weather adverse effects on Agricultural production. Xining meteorological observatory will closely monitor the evolution of the precipitation weather process, timely release of early warning and forecasting service information, do a good job of tracking and monitoring of weather disasters, defense and forecasting services. (author: Yang Jian)


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